ndt_ultrasoundUltrasound inspection of components is a highly specialised process requiring extensive experience. We have available a Krautkramer USN 58L, a Sonatest Sitescan D20, and Sonatest CT Gage. The equipment can be used on a wide range of ferrous and non- ferrous materials, including plastics, rubbers, and carbon fibres.

Inidam have a highly dedicated and skilled team of ultrasonic NDT inspectors that can carry out inspections in our laboratory or at the customer’s premises. Due to the nature of the work and equipment, ultrasound NDT technicians are highly mobile and can be on site at very short notice.

This form of testing is suited to almost any environment and has a number of advantages:

  • Unlike radiography, it is non- hazardous to personnel or operating equipment in close proximity.
  • It only requires one operative who can undertake large volumes of work over relatively short times.
  • UT only requires access to one side of the component.
  • UT has high penetrating power and can be used to accurately locate, identify, and size sub – surface defects at great depths or close to the surface.
  • UT sets are extremely portable and do not require a power source.

Ultrasound can be defined as cyclic sound pressure with a frequency greater than the upper limit of human hearing. Sound is propagated through solids using a transducer and couplant, which are connected to a digital flaw detector. For the purposes of NDT sound in the range of 200kHz – 15MHz is used. Typical applications are:

  • Weld inspection- volumetric inspection of the weld and Heat Affected Zone.
  • Raw material surveys- Inspection of forging or bar and billet from mills.
  • Lamination checks- Typically steel or composites.
  • Thickness Surveys- Inspection of steel corrosion in anything from ship hulls to pipework in data storage facilities.

Inidam can specify the exact needs of the client before the inspection is carried out, helping to clarify what standards or drawing requirements are pertinent. Our helpful and friendly office staff are always on hand to tailor the exact needs of the client.

A report will be issued after completion of the work. The client is invited to witness any or every part of the NDT operation in order to further understanding of the final results.