ndt_material_analysisPositive Material Identification (PMI) is the analysis of a metallic alloy to establish composition by reading the quantities by percentage of its constituent elements. This is done using X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) with an Innov-X Systems Delta XRF machine. This machine is highly portable and can record numerous readings in different locations over a relatively short timescale.

This testing can be done either at our laboratory or the client’s premises and is very versatile. Unlike older material analysers XRF does not damage the surface of the component. Quite often this can be carried out in conjunction with another NDT method. Post testing reports will list a full breakdown of all the elements found in the alloy, including ferrous alloys, monel, stainless steel, inconel, hastelloy, and light alloys like aluminium or titanium.

Due to the advanced software available Inidam can not just identify individual elements in the material, we can also identify what the component is made of and whether it complies with British or American Standards.